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Rottweiler breeding

I love Rottweilers. I have devoted them my time and my life. Being the only breeder in Poland I intend to continue the BORGA (PRINZ OF DARKNESA) line. I own the fourth generation of this amazing dog. BORG was a dog widely appreciated in the history of European cynology. His beautiful head is to this date the ultimate goal of every Rottweiler breeder.

In my career as a breeder I have always been directed by quality rather than quantity. The dogs presented here are my highest achievements. You can find here seven sires and seven bitches, among them the winner of International Dog Show in middle class from the year 2006- GREG DOR-GLADIATOR, and the bronze medalist (International Dog Show Bratislava 2009, middle group) BRUTUS DĘBOWA GROBLA from DOR-GLADIATOR kennel. All of these dogs are exquisite, proud, brave and well balanced. They have undergone psychological tests and exams and achieved highest possible marks.

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