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Fero Dor-Gladiator


FERO is an athlete and a giant among Rottweilers. His size is equal with upper limit of maximal height. FERO is the most powerful Rottweiler taking part in dog shows. He has never been defeated. His dog show career is a run of success. In 2006 he won BOG and comparison on highly prestigious INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW IN SOPOT. In 2007 he won the title ZWYCIĘZCA KUJAW 2007.

FERO is a dog that attracts people’s attention. He is very frequently photographed during dog shows due to his perfect and massive body. He may remind one of a great bronze monument. His trunk is beautifully muscled, his back smooth, his head big and distinctive with dark eyes, beautiful front and extremely well-shaped hind legs.

FERO is a tender and sensitive dog, always ready for walking and playing.

FERO loves his owner unconditionally. They spend together almost whole days. They walk, sail and swim. FERO is an excellent swimmer. He can spend hours in water and swim long distances. This is indeed water that has influenced his body-built.

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