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Warsaw and its surroundings

We kindly invite You to visit our cosy boarding house for 14 dogs. It is located in MAZOWIECKI PARK KRAJOBRAZOWY, JATNE 6A (30 mins from the Centre of Warsaw, 7km past Wiązowna on the way to Lublin – well comunicated HOW TO GET HERE AND CONTACT).

Route: Warsaw - Józefów - Otwock - Lublin

The house has a garden (1800n sqm) and is surrounded with a forest (10 hectare). Dogs have at their disposal thermoisolated kennels with small porches (cool during summer, warm in winter) and dedicated pens with runs. Moreover the dogs are grouped in pairs (according to their character and personality). They are free to use the playground that is located in the garden.

Small number of dogs enables us to take full care of them. There is an experienced dogbreeder, a member of the Polish Kennel Club, who looks after the dogs.



It is a beautiful big pen (appx. 16sqm) in which there are two oak trees that create a great atmosphere. There is a spacious double kennel which makes it suitable for two dogs. The dogs have direct access to the big playground (700 sqm).



The winter pavilion is suitable for five dogs. There is plenty of space inside. Thanks to the heating installed it can be used during winter and summer as well. There are nice boxes here and the temperature is fixed (20-23 degrees Celsius). There The dogs have direct access to the playground (600 sqm).

The boarding house provides:

  • 24 hours-a-day veterinary care,
  • Full meals including vitamins (the same food as at home)
  • Thermoisolated kennels with private runs,
  • Fresh air, forest, walks,
  • Friendly, loving care.
  • TRANSPORTATION - we can transport Your dog back and forth – PLN 2 per kilometer

Due to small number of places, please book your stay 14 days in advance.

ATTENTION !!! - New guests (first-time booking!), after phoning us, are obliged to make a DOWN PAYMENT !!! (bank account number can be find in CONTACT)

CONTACT, BOOKING, questions, how to get to us >> here <<

ATTENTION!!! Your dog will never forget the time it spent with us!

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