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Gama Dor-Gladiator

Daughter of HARRY GENESIS II and AVIA DOR-GLADIATOR – in the course of finishing the champion of Poland.

GAMA is a beautiful bitch. Her size fits the upper limit of medium height. Her body is proportional, her back well-shaped and hinder legs well-built. Her head is big and her eyes dark. All this enables one to say that GAMA is very close to the ideal image of a Rotweiller.

GAMA is extremely precious to us. She reminds us of her mother, ANDRA, and enables us to soothe grief after ANDRA’s death. GAMA is an extremely intelligent, sensitive and loving dog. She is tender and careful towards other dog and a cat. She is interested in nature films on television. She loves people – GOOD PEOPLE!!!

GAMA is well-trained in terms of obedience and defence. She is always ready to protect her owners who love her and try to show her this love in wise and tender manner. We devote her our whole time.

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